If you’re like us, you’re basically trapped indoors with spring allergies right now and are looking forward to summer days when you can stop being a mouth breathing, sneezing, watery-eyed mess! So, to distract ourselves from this hellish pollen, we wanted to share some of our favorite summertime activities! To start: the Farmers Market! You will find us and half of Santa Fe there every Tuesday and Saturday. Go inside, grab a breakfast burrito and a coffee, do a lap outside and check out all the vendors, and once you’ve successfully eaten your burrito, walk back and support your local farmers by buying yummy produce, baked goods, the best honey you’ll ever taste, organic eggs…you name it! Also, if you get summer allergies, the best thing you can do is to eat that local honey. It’s got all the local pollen in there! If you feel guilty about eating a breakfast burrito (first of all, just don’t) but second, you can walk that bad boy off at the Santa Fe River Trail! It is located between Agua Fria and West Alameda and you can get there by parking at either Frenchy’s Park or Alto Park. After you’ve been super healthy and walked ten hundred miles on the beautiful trail, you might fancy a refreshing Mexican cerveza. And guess what? You can walk to one of Santa Fe’s hidden gems from your river trail stroll! It’s called Valentinas and they are an affordable spot where you can unwind and enjoy some authentic Mexican dishes. Fast forward past our mid-day nap, and maybe you might fancy going out to a movie at Violet Crown. If you like a snack and a beer, wine, or kombucha during your movie, never fear, they’ve got you covered and have comfortable and spacious seating with trays for all your snackies and drinkies. If you have time before the movie and feel like buying yourself a present, stop by our favorite, female owned, magical gift shop called, The Ark! Do you need some candles? They have them. You need a new crystal that will recharge your chakras? Well they have those too! Okay, so the day is almost done, and you can either go home early and re-watch some Downton Abbey, or you can go to one of our favorite restaurants, Paloma, and sit on their patio by the fire, and have the best margarita, the best fajitas, and the best desserts in Santa Fe. Cheers to summer! We can’t wait to look less puffy-faced, red-eyed, and sleep deprived….whoo!