Do you live in a small home and don’t know how to dress it up? Or is it feeling too cramped? We love creating functional flow in small homes. Obviously the first issue is storage. What the hell are you supposed to do with all your stuff? First, try downsizing. That works to a certain extent, but then it comes down to family heirlooms, sentimental pieces and basic necessities. One of our favorite pieces for a smaller home are bed frames with built-in storage. You can use it for clothes, sheets, towels, midnight snacks, literally anything. Basically, anywhere you have furniture (like a coffee table), see how you can use that as another form of storage. You want every piece to be as functional and multi-purpose as possible. We are also big proponents of baskets! Yes! Find yourself some cute, woven baskets, throw stuff in it and it acts as functional decoration (We spend hours on amazon just looking at baskets;) Another tip: utilize wall space and put in shelving as high as you can to avoid a cluttered feeling. Since you don’t have horizontal space, utilize that vertical space! Once you have organized your personal items you can move on to the fun part: decorating. Maybe you also have low ceilings, so how can you create a sense of height and width? Large area rugs open up a room and create a more spacious feeling. Mirrors create a sort of optical illusion and expands your space (and it’s nice to be able to check yourself out at every angle;) Having larger art pieces and long curtains (pick light colors) also gives a sense of height and openness. In terms of lighting, a dark space can make a place feel like Golem’s cave. So go for more neutral, easy shades of paint and add texture and color with intention. Cheers!

Link for an affordable bed frame with drawers.™–Milliken-Storage-Platform-Bed-X116773525-L12-K~W005662414.html?refid=GX528879519576-W005662414_299167890&device=c&ptid=1368915075778&network=g&targetid=aud-1613017765086:pla-1368915075778&channel=GooglePLA&ireid=151762207&fdid=1817&PiID%5B%5D=299167890&gclid=CjwKCAiAgbiQBhAHEiwAuQ6BkjXjPUnTnjfoGr-fCiHP4k_74GGkecpgup4B7W8Dxk1DKF94JX1N4BoC3wAQAvD_BwE

Link to cost-friendly coffee table with storage included