If you’ve ever visited our office or been to Melissa’s compound, you’ll notice a pattern… There are SMEGS everywhere! She has SMEG refrigerators, toasters, a coffee maker, and kettles in a variety of colors like baby blue, bubblegum pink, and eggshell white. Not only did the design catch Melissa’s eye, but the fact that this Italian appliance company is committed to sustainable practices (as required by the EU) is a major bonus. Their designs have won awards and prizes for years, such as the Good Design award, the IF Design award, and the Red Dot award (for many years in a row that is). They also comply with strict EU sustainability guidelines and restrictions on chemical and hazardous substances (YAY!)

You’ll notice that our favorite collection is their 50’s inspired appliances, which adds a pop of color and contrast in style to any room! The most recent addition to the SMEG family is our new coffee maker in mint. It looks like a little spaceship! We highly recommend that you hop on the SMEG train.